No Place Like Home

Digging through a desk full of old journals and spiral notebooks one evening, I discovered an old notebook of poems written several years ago.  Reading through them, I realized how much my world has expanded in recent years. 

I have enjoyed several ski trips with my children and have now seen snow covered mountains. I have stood out on quiet winter mornings before the rest of the lodge was stirring and watched snow softly fall on the dark mountains and been awed by their beauty.  On our recent trip to Galveston, I had the privilege of standing on the beach and watching the waves roll in from the vast gulf as the day faded away.  Although all of these places are beautiful, reading this old poem I realized that there is still no place quite like home.

The Prairie is for Me

I’ve never seen the mountain
all clad with winter’s snow
They’re always dressed in summer’s green
When I should choose to go

I’ve never seen the ocean
or waves break upon the shore
I’ve never seen a swampy glade
or visited a moor

And though I like the mountains
and forests filled with trees
And I might like the ocean
or to gaze upon the seas

But my heart will ever love
A guitar’s soft refrain
Floating on the evening breeze
across the open plain

The breeze that blows through prairie grass
and runs fingers through my hair
and dances with the wildflowers
tossing petals everywhere

Sunrise on the Western plains
paints the sky with streaks of gold
And sunset is just as glorious
A wonder to behold

From horizon to horizon
And an endless sky I see
filled with countless stars so bright
Yes, this is home to me


About sheilacampbell

Like all people, my life is multi faceted. I have been a mom for twenty-eight years, raising three wonderful children to young adults. I have been also been a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I love my Lord; I love the life He has given me and I write about the things I love.
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