A Daily Debtor

I pass the day unscathed by perceptible sin ­
And my self-righteous pride grows deep within

I think of all the noble deeds I’ve done
The virtuous stars in my crown I’ve won

Then I hear a quiet hymn at the close of day
Sung by a humble one who softly passed my way

‘to grace how great a debtor’ the old words ring so true
They cut my pride to its core with their blood stained hue

Blind, prideful, eyes pried opened wide to see
How to grace a daily debtor I’m constrained to be

Truth known, I am unable to restrain sin alone
I need your grace to constrain and for my sin atone

If no transgression is charged to me today
It is thy grace constrains me as I pass the sinful way

And if my flesh should weaken and I should fall to sin
I am reminded that my righteousness I cannot win

You lift your hand; my sin is loosed and no longer confined
Pride is crushed and unconstrained I’m reminded and refined

Though earthly consequences may rightly be mine
Eternal debt paid by your blood has made me thine

And if in my life some good deed I may do
May it by thy grace bring glory only to you

To righteousness of my own I have no honest claim
So in praise it is thy grace I loudly proclaim

And any humble crown that I might be given
Grant me the grace to lay it at your feet someday in heaven


2 Responses to A Daily Debtor

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  2. Katie says:

    Amen & Amen – “…the old words ring so true, they cut my pride to its core, with their blood-stained hue!!!”

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