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Wearing Myself Out

The year my husband died one of my best friends spent several hours a week on the phone with me. After my children went to bed and her family was settled for the evening, she would call at least once … Continue reading

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The Gift of Life

I read her Facebook post just before I left for work. “As I held my precious grandbaby today, I couldn’t help but smile – not just because she was smiling up to me or because we got to babysit her … Continue reading

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Untended Gardens

Usually by now the dried and tussled tops of my iris leaves have been trimmed back neatly and annuals and gladiolas overflow my flowerbeds with color.  I have several flowerbeds and each one is different and each one is special. … Continue reading

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A Shepherd’s Heart

I awoke with a start – hurled out of my sleep by a screech in the night. Was that a goat or a rabbit scream? I couldn’t tell, but I could hear coyotes yapping close, their barks and yips mingling … Continue reading

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Words Unspoken and Deeds Undone

“Love you, girl!” I hung up the phone with the words still ringing in my ears and swallowed hard the lump in my throat. I realized I had hung up without acknowledging those words and, worse yet, without returning them. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Friends

I have a mounted copy of this beautiful picture hanging in my kitchen.  It was given to me by a dear friend and it is a picture of my garden. When I gaze at the picture I still marvel at … Continue reading

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Memories and Loss

The night is still and peaceful and the warm cement feels good on my bare feet as I step out onto the porch to pick a sprig of fresh mint for my tea. The day has been warm, but I … Continue reading

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