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Tell All the World

I write….and a week passes….and then another week passes…and I think about the things I’d like to share on my blog – lessons of gratitude when skies are dreary and winter weather dampens my spirits and lessons of grace, spending, … Continue reading

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Silence, Goals, and Grace

Returning to my blog tonight feels much like greeting an old friend after a long absence. When I first starting blogging I hoped to pen something twice a week. When daily demands on my time hijacked my goal I lowered my … Continue reading

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Daily Distractions

Two weeks ago, work finally slowed down and I have enjoyed several days off. The first several days I was battling a bad cold and so it was nice to have most of the week off and time to rest … Continue reading

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What to Do When Nothing Blooms

There it was – swaying in the cold wind that came whipping around the house – a single bloom. Today is the first of May and usually by now my iris blooms have begun to fade and make way for other spring … Continue reading

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Bubbling Over

The music begins and soon my fingers are lightly tapping the steering wheel while I’m singing along with the radio and my heart is praising, rejoicing, and bubbling over with joy. The music, this jubilant song of praise, flows through … Continue reading

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Making the Common Profound by Pausing – edited from the archives

Today is a federal holiday; it is a day off work, a day to focus on the numerous list of things I feel I never have time to do, and yet lunch passed and I felt as though my day was just slipping away … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Every Day

Today the last of the leftovers that were not frozen or eaten became fare for the chickens. The feast we enjoyed with family is only a memory, the day set aside by our nation as a time to remember and … Continue reading

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