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Silence, Goals, and Grace

Returning to my blog tonight feels much like greeting an old friend after a long absence. When I first starting blogging I hoped to pen something twice a week. When daily demands on my time hijacked my goal I lowered my … Continue reading

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Daily Distractions

Two weeks ago, work finally slowed down and I have enjoyed several days off. The first several days I was battling a bad cold and so it was nice to have most of the week off and time to rest … Continue reading

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Long Days and Short Nights

Last night I stepped outside and faced the wind. It had been another long day of work followed by weeding in the garden, helping with the goats and working outside until dusk. Night was falling when I finally stepped out … Continue reading

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Unmovable Shoreline

This past week we took a break from our normal routine and spent some time at the lake. It was nice to get away and enjoy a change in scenery and this time of year there were only a few … Continue reading

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Untended Gardens

Usually by now the dried and tussled tops of my iris leaves have been trimmed back neatly and annuals and gladiolas overflow my flowerbeds with color.  I have several flowerbeds and each one is different and each one is special. … Continue reading

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Everyday Trials and Interruptions

Several years ago I read a book titled Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss.  It was one of those books that contained something which spoke directly to my heart on almost every page.  Many of the lessons that Katy (the main … Continue reading

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Effectual, Fervent Prayer

Like most Americans, I find there are numerous demands for my time.  I rise early and often go to bed late and still the list of unfinished tasks grows while I desperately struggle to prioritize the many demands on my … Continue reading

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