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A Light Has Come

Last Saturday I headed to work in the quiet darkness of a typical winter morning, but as I drove through our sleepy little town I was captivated by the nostalgic beauty of the Christmas season. Houses and small shop windows … Continue reading

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An Inheritance

When I was a little girl our family spent many weekends visiting my great-grandparents, Buford and Zora Powers or Grandma and Grandpa Powers as they were to me. They lived on a little ranch outside of Wilson called Hungry Hill … Continue reading

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When Did Summer Grow Old?

Every year, sometime around the end of July, it always surprises me to suddenly realize the days are once more getting shorter. You would think that since I get up at the same time everyday – seven days a week … Continue reading

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Remembering Justin – remembering and reposting

I’m reposting from the archives today but as I read over this post, I am again awed by how quickly time passes. Today would have been Justin’s twenty-seventh birthday! I am thinking about him today and remembering all the life … Continue reading

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What to Do When Nothing Blooms

There it was – swaying in the cold wind that came whipping around the house – a single bloom. Today is the first of May and usually by now my iris blooms have begun to fade and make way for other spring … Continue reading

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Reminders of Blessings

I read these words posted by Ryan Sprague and the memories come flooding back, “In that moment I was more disappointed that my cereal would get soggy than I cared about my child.” Ryan’s post about Soggy Cereal reminded me … Continue reading

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The Gift of Life

I read her Facebook post just before I left for work. “As I held my precious grandbaby today, I couldn’t help but smile – not just because she was smiling up to me or because we got to babysit her … Continue reading

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