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A Light Has Come

Last Saturday I headed to work in the quiet darkness of a typical winter morning, but as I drove through our sleepy little town I was captivated by the nostalgic beauty of the Christmas season. Houses and small shop windows … Continue reading

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Allured by Grace

Recently I was reading in the book of Hosea. I always find it amazing that I can read a story that I’ve read many times before and suddenly see it in a different light – in gospel light. In the … Continue reading

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What to Do When Nothing Blooms

There it was – swaying in the cold wind that came whipping around the house – a single bloom. Today is the first of May and usually by now my iris blooms have begun to fade and make way for other spring … Continue reading

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A friend posted this quote by C.S. Lewis on Facebook today, “ A landscape, a symphony, a meeting with friends…. Our Father refreshes us on the journey but will not encourage us to mistake them for home.” It is one … Continue reading

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Unmovable Shoreline

This past week we took a break from our normal routine and spent some time at the lake. It was nice to get away and enjoy a change in scenery and this time of year there were only a few … Continue reading

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Barren and Covered with Waste

I love working in my garden while watching a beautiful October sunset change the sky from a burnt orange that reflects gold on fading grass to a brilliant scarlet and finally departs the horizon, leaving it lingering in a violet … Continue reading

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Flying South and Avoiding Winter

There is no gift more beautiful to me than the unfolding of an autumn day as the sun breaks on frosted fields and warms away the chill of early morning. This morning I awoke humming, “Count Your Blessings”, an old … Continue reading

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