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A Forgotten Love

I knew the weeds were growing taller but I have tried not to notice as I pass the garden on my way to the barn each day. It was hit hard by hail in mid August and I have abandoned … Continue reading

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When Did Summer Grow Old?

Every year, sometime around the end of July, it always surprises me to suddenly realize the days are once more getting shorter. You would think that since I get up at the same time everyday – seven days a week … Continue reading

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Earnest Prayer

“I will pray for you.”  The words roll off my tongue easily enough and many times my heart whispers a short prayer right at that moment if I do not have the courage to boldly pray aloud. But for the … Continue reading

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Distracted and Delayed or Gratefully Spent

First it was the holidays and company, followed by a week-long ski trip in January and in-between preparations for these major events there was always work and an endless ‘to-do’ list of everyday tasks that seems to have kept my … Continue reading

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Grateful Longing

Because of the long, physically demanding days that awaited me this week, I decided to retire early last night. As I turned the quilt back and felt the crisp coolness of fresh clean sheets against my skin, my heart filled … Continue reading

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Times and Places of Dwelling

I woke this morning to the whistle of the wind in my window whipping across the plains in the lingering blackness of night.  I lay there in the dark listening to the familiar, mournful voice that I have known all … Continue reading

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Effectual, Fervent Prayer

Like most Americans, I find there are numerous demands for my time.  I rise early and often go to bed late and still the list of unfinished tasks grows while I desperately struggle to prioritize the many demands on my … Continue reading

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