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A Bandage of Grace for Every Offense

Recently I felt I was intentionally excluded from an electronic conversation. When I first heard about it, I tried to brush it off and said it didn’t bother me, but the truth is – it did. I felt left out … Continue reading

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Earlier this fall, my daughter injured her wrist helping her brother load hay. We thought she either sprained it or perhaps pulled something and that given time it would eventually get better. She immobilized it with a brace and pampered … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love

When my oldest son came home from the hospital after suffering severe brain damage, I struggled to comprehend and accept the fate that had such a devastating impact on our entire family. In fact, to say I struggled is a … Continue reading

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Barren and Covered with Waste

I love working in my garden while watching a beautiful October sunset change the sky from a burnt orange that reflects gold on fading grass to a brilliant scarlet and finally departs the horizon, leaving it lingering in a violet … Continue reading

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Remembering Ruins

A few weeks ago I found myself driving past an old house where we once lived – where I once lived. In its prime it was a picturesque farmhouse surrounded on all sides by prosperous cotton fields. The outside was … Continue reading

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Grace Colored Glasses

When I was a girl I had a friend who seemed to find the good in every situation. She was always happy and cheerful and I remember hearing a teacher say she viewed the world through ‘rose-colored glasses’. I did … Continue reading

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A Shepherd’s Heart

I awoke with a start – hurled out of my sleep by a screech in the night. Was that a goat or a rabbit scream? I couldn’t tell, but I could hear coyotes yapping close, their barks and yips mingling … Continue reading

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